targetconnect has revolutionised how we work. It delivers human and automated support for students and we now have access to centralised information across all internal and external activities.

Advice and opportunities

Where students, graduates, employers, universities, tools, and content connect.

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Multi-channel engagement
Advice, peer-to-peer, self-serve
Customer success
Best practices and support
Student engagement
Personalised experience
SaaS platform
Deep university systems integration
Employer engagement
Profiles, events, fairs, placements and roles
Activity and outcomes reporting
Open APIs and integrations
Extend your platform
Data governance
Universities are the Data Controller
From branding to how you work
Employer network
50,000 employers in the Link network

Student experience

Combines queries, e-learning, content, video and appointments, peer-to-peer interaction, employer profiles, events, fairs, placements, and jobs.

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Workflows configured to guide students through a series of activities. Includes welcome programmes, learning and development journeys, awards, placement inductions or any other structured guidance.

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Data and analytics

A greater understanding of team activities, benchmarks, the career progress of different student cohorts, where to focus resources and how your activities have influenced outcomes.

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Customer success

Customer Success is beyond platform support and answering “how do I” questions. We aim to share the responsibility of maximising students outcomes through getting the most from the platform, sharing best practices and reviewing progress and benchmarks together.

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Supporting all students

Supporting students with different needs and career readiness means delivering personalised service. Automating where appropriate and allocating time when it is most needed.

Working with leading FE colleges

We’re lucky to work with some of the best minds in careers in universities. We’re excited to now be working with colleges and college groups. We aim to support, innovate and share best practices and ideas.

We couldn’t have got through the last few weeks without targetconnect, thank you!

GTI is one of the best technology suppliers we have.
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